Best Times of the Year to Plan Your Europe Tour

Best Times of the Year to Plan Your Europe Tour

Europe, one of the most famous vacation destinations around the world, is flocked by millions of tourists every year. It gets approximately 500 million travellers every year. Starting from Bohemian Prague to beautiful Paris to lively Lisbon, Europe has some of the best travel destinations in the world. However, before you book a family or group tour package to Europe, make sure you do a thorough research to find out the best time to visit this scenic destination.

The reason is every season in Europe has a different ambience and experience. Depending on your preference, you can visit Europe during the peak season (mid June-August), shoulder season (from April to September) or off-season (November to March). Read on to find out the best time to book Europe Packages from Mumbai or any other place in India.

Peak Season

Summer is the best time to visit Europe. Pleasant weather, long days and happening nightlife are the main attractions of Europe in summer. However, summer is also the time when people from all over the world, plan a trip to Europe. And therefore, you need to be prepared to find the scenic destination in Europe packed with tourists during this time of the year.

A smart move is to plan your day before hand and visit the busy places early in the morning when the places are comparatively less crowded. In addition, getting discounts on Europe Group Tour Packages can also be difficult during the peak season. Another important point that you need to keep in mind is much of Europe (France and Italy) is partially shut down in July and August as the local urbanites take their beach break. So, if you are planning to visit France or Italy on your European tour, avoid booking Europe in the peak season.

Shoulder Season

The season has the combined advantages of both peak and off-season travel as well as where you buy your holiday tour packages. If you visit Europe in shoulder season, you can experience a pleasant weather, fewer crowded places. However, the shoulder season varies in different parts of Europe. When it comes to the budget, you need to remember that the fares of roundtrip are determined by the departure date. For instance, if you are flying to Europe in peak season and plan to return in fall, you may need to pay for peak season round trip fares.


November to March is the off- season in Europe. If you are on a tight budget, this is the best time to get discounted airfares. The hotel tariffs are also reasonable, thanks to the lesser crowd in different areas. You can enjoy visiting some of the famous places in Europe such as Leonardo da Vinci’s home, visit the beaches, visit St. Mark’s bell tower during the off-season. However, you need to pack a lot of clothes to protect yourself from the chilly weather. At times, the weather can be cold, windy and drizzly during this season.

Last Few Words

If you want to visit Europe without breaking the bank and visit the scenic places comfortably, book Europe group Tour packages through a reputable tour operator during the shoulder season. The flight tickets are comparatively affordable and the places less crowded, so that you enjoy the best weather conditions.



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