Choosing A Small Bag For Traveling

Choosing A Small Bag For Traveling

What else do you carry traveling bags? Besides a suitcase or backpack as big as the refrigerator?
It must depend on the destination and how long the trip takes. I myself, because I like shooting, definitely bring a camera bag. Sometimes a backpack, sometimes a sling bag.

If you still don’t have it, you can get buy cheap travel bags in several places.

Here are some bags that I usually carry when traveling. What about your bag? Don’t forget to share your experience of choosing a traveling bag too!

1. Sling Bag

Sling bags are cool. Looks more fashionable. Only if the load is too heavy, there is a sore shoulder.
If the items we carry are light, only documents or a small pocket camera, using a sling bag is cool. Not to mention easy access, just drag it to the front of your stomach and get the needed items.
But if you already have a DSLR camera, drinking water, and polishing; it’s better to just use a backpack.

2. Backpack Bag

Backpack bag is not as cool as a sling bag. But far more comfortable. Anything you can get if you drink bottles, jackets, sandals, cell phones, laptops, maps, cameras or anything is up to you.
However, backpack bags are also impractical when they want to take things. Especially if it’s fitting to bring a lot more. Having to put the bag first can only take the items inside. It’s a bit troublesome. Also if you are in the crowd you can just pick up the contents if you don’t watch out.
Backpack bag is very enough to walk around the city. This backpack bag can be folded but it really can’t carry many things. This little backpack is a friend that is suitable for your luggage bag.
If you don’t want to be complicated, you can bring a backpack that can be folded like the photo below.

3. Camera Bag

There are many choices and models of camera bags that can be tailored to our needs. For now, I’m more comfortable with a sling bags model camera bag. now my needs are still limited to light photo hunting to supplement writing material on blogs or newspapers and magazines. This sling model camera bag certainly makes it easy for me to at any time need to remove the camera quickly.

Sling bag camera bag is also equipped with the thick but soft bulkhead. So for those of you who are used to traveling carrying more than one lens, don’t worry. The lens of your camera will not be ‘fighting’ inside the bag, because each one has provided its own ‘space’. When riding public transportation or in the queue, I do not need to worry about the camera going bumping, because it is stored neatly in a special bag.

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