What to Expect from a Luxury Hostel

What to Expect from a Luxury Hostel

Hostels are a great alternative to hotels and resorts. You can find them all over the world, including in major cities. They’re affordable, and they do typically require that you share your bedroom and bathroom with other travellers, so they are a wonderful means to meet new people and make new friends during your journey. Luxury hostels, however, are taking things to a new level. Keep reading to learn about what you can expect when you book your stay at a luxury hostel.

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A Better Way to Sleep

If you are worried about being able to sleep well in a shared space like a hostel, focus on finding a luxury hostel, whether you are staying in Europe or you are travelling to Asia and you want to book a luxury hostel Bangkok. These types of hostels will take steps to help ensure you get the best rest possible every night. You can find everything from pod beds and rooms that are soundproofed, to free earplugs that will help block out the unwanted noise while you catch some much-need Z’s.

Swimming Pools

Another feature of many luxury hostels around the globe is the addition of swimming pools for the guests. Many will even have more than one pool that you and your fellow guests can enjoy, and some luxury hostels will also feature saunas and steam rooms. So, if you thought that you needed to book your stay at a resort to enjoy these perks, think again! You can stay at a hostel and go swimming as much as you want!

Yoga for Unwinding

Travelling can be draining, but a good yoga class can help you find your centre again. That’s why today’s luxury hostels sometimes offer yoga classes at little to no cost for guests. Whether you have never taken a yoga class before or you are a seasoned pro, this is a nice little feature that can help you unwind and prepare for the many adventures that you have planned on your itinerary.


If you are an eco-conscious traveller, consider staying at a luxury hostel that takes sustainability seriously. Many of these hostels will use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout their space, so you can rest easy knowing that harsh chemicals haven’t been used to keep the hostel pristine. And these places will also typically purchase locally grown or organic produce that is then offered to guests at no charge, or prepared by the cooks on staff so that you can indulge in healthy meals during your stay. Other luxury hostels will have even nicer features, such as a system that helps conserve water, upcycled furniture, and renewable energy sources for electricity and heating.
As you can see, there are many great features that you can expect to enjoy when you book your stay at a luxury hostel. So, if you have been thinking about giving a hostel a try but you have been concerned about the amenities or the atmosphere of traditional hostels, be sure to do your research into the many luxury accommodation options that are available instead.

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