10 Best Places in Europe

10 Best Places in Europe

“In Europe, you can enjoy ancient monuments built in prehistoric times with very beautiful and amazing architecture”


Traveling to places of interest and beauty in Europe is a holiday that is certainly awaited everyone outside the European country. In Europe, you can enjoy ancient monuments built in prehistoric times with very beautiful and amazing architecture, cold and snowy European air, simple culinary delicacies derived from high-quality natural ingredients or cheap shopping places that widely available in European countries.

Like visiting the British Crown Jewelry Place, Buckingham Palace, Eiffel Tower in Paris. Religious tourism in Istanbul, Turkey or the city of Athens in Greece is very charming and amazing.

Here are 10 Best Tourist Places In Europe a selection of tourists from all over the world that we summarize from the world’s largest travel and travel destination website ie TripAdvisor in Destination Traveler’s Choice 2018.

1. London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

London offers historical sights blended with art, fashion, culinary and brilliant British beers. In the UK you will also get the perfect holiday venue for cultural enthusiasts like visiting Tate Modern or the Royal Opera House. While for you shopping lovers can explore the various shops on Oxford Street. While for you culinary lovers, you can taste a cream tea at Harrod’s or a fried fish made from a tavern that offers a classic London flavor. Make your musical enthusiasts and books search the Abbey Road and the Sherlock Holmes Museum and do not forget to visit the British Crown Jewel of Buckingham Palace or Camden Market, the British Museum, the Churchill War Museum or the St John’s Garden. Exotic James.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey will make your holiday schedule to be solid. Marvelous architecture spread all over the city. Start your holiday in Istanbul, Turkey by visiting the stunning Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmet Camii. This mosque can be seen from all over the city. Do not forget to browse the Galata Bridge and Taman Miniaturk to see small artifacts. Enter thousands of shops in the Grand Bazaar and inhale the aromas of spices and fruit in the Egyptian Bazaar.

In addition to the above attractions, do not miss your holiday in Istanbul Istanbul to visit the beautiful Suleymaniye Mosque, Kariye Museum (The Chora Church) or the stunning Sultanahmet District.

3. Paris France

Paris, France

Enjoy your holiday in Paris, France with chocolate bread at a sidewalk cafe while relaxing after a long walk along the Seine and admire the city icons like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

In Paris, you will find a holiday with a perfect atmosphere that combines fun and excitement by tasting delicious dishes and seeing exhibitions at the Louvre. Feel the majesty of Notre Dame or enjoy cheap shopping at Marche Aux Puces de Montreuil. For you, Culinary lovers can visit Marche Biologique Raspail or see a show at Moulin Rouge.

Enjoy your holiday in Paris, France not to miss the Museum d’Orsay or take in the sights of Paris from the Pont Alexandre III Bridge and Sainte-Chapelle.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The next city you must visit while on vacation in Europe is in Prague, Czech Republic. Bohemian attraction and a fairy tale atmosphere will make your holiday perfect. If you get bored with the beach atmosphere and want to dive into the culture you can visit Prague by exploring Prazskyhrad (Prague Castle) and then enjoy a culinary tour by eating delicious food at a typical Czech pub.

Take your time to browse the Old Town Square before visiting the Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock. Feel also the best bar in Prague underground, the historic pub which provides a place for drinks in the evenings.

And do not miss to enjoy the beauty of St. Vitus (Chram svateho Vita) or visit the charming Lobkowwicz Palace.

5. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Vacation to Rome city, Italy you can not explore in one day only. The city looks like a giant outdoor museum exhibit with a large piazza, an open market with some incredible historical sites. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, Visit the Coliseum or the Pantheon.

Enjoy the delights of a cup of cappuccino coffee before afternoon shopping at Campo de ‘Fiori or Via Veneto. Freshly savored fresh pasta and some delicious fried artichokes or soft oxtail soup for an exceptional dining experience and to not miss other sights in Rome such as Le Domus Romane in the beautiful PalazzoValentini or the stunning Borghese Gallery.

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Vacationing in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain is a bit surrealist. This may be because Salvador Dali spent time here and the Spanish Catalonia architect Antoni Gaudi who designed some city buildings like the Church of the Sacred Family will make you feel like walking through a mirror.

This trip can be continued by visiting the beautiful Park Guell and tasting Sangria at a sidewalk cafe on Las Ramblas while watching the action of a charming street singer.

In Rome, Italy You can also visit religious sights such as visiting the Holy Family Church, the magnificent and beautiful Casa Batllo or Gothic Quarter.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

The city of Lisbon, Portugal offers you a charming and charming vacation spot for your visit. Lisbon will also show you a wealth of history and culture for you and your family like the Maritime Museum, this place is perfect for you to visit with children who love the sea. While Casa-Museu Dr. Anastacio Goncalves features some colorful artwork.

In Lisbon. You can also enjoy a walking tour to see the dynamic rock architecture. Be sure to visit Padrao dos Descobrimentos, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and Torre de Belem which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit the Lisbon Oceanarium, the Gulbenkian Museum or the National Tile Museum

8. St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

On holiday to the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is the very thing in every traveler’s dream. The city which is the Cultural Center in Russia presents the beauty of a very stunning architecture such as the existence of the Winter Palace and the Cathedral of Kazan.

In St. Petersburg You can also browse Hermitage’s famous art collections or browse the Neva River, which is stretched across the city of St. Louis. Petersburg is also a destination for art, night entertainment, prestigious restaurants and culture that you will not spend in one day.

And do not miss the beautiful architecture of the Church of Our Savior shed blood or the Palace and Park Peterhof are very charming.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is really a bike town, although riding a bike on a winding road may be a bit confusing. You will not be disappointed if you choose to walk. A slow-flow channel can be a perfect backdrop for Jordaan and Rembrandtplein field search. Try visiting the Red Light District (prostitution area) if you have to, just so you can say if you’ve ever been to it. Anne Frank House is one of the most touching experiences travelers can experience, and the Van Gogh Museum features a sensational collection of works. And not to miss the beauty of the Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis), the Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek) or the Rijks National Museum.

10. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

More than 15 million gallons of water a day flows into 118 springs and wells in Budapest. This spa town boasts a range of baths, from the luxurious Gellert Bath, the spacious and neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa from 1913, to Rudas Spa, a beautiful 16th-century Turkish pool with Ottoman native architecture. The Travelers’ Choice destinations referred to as “Queen of the Danube” are also rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Prepare your camera to photograph the ruins of Roman buildings at the Aquincum Museum, Heroes Square, and Sculpture Park, as well as the dome of St. Basilica. Stephen is 300 feet tall.

And do not miss the beauty of Castle Hill (Varhegy), St Stephen’s Basilica (Szent Istvan Basilica) or the Chain Bridge (Szechenyi Lanchid) which is stunning.

Well, that’s 10 Best Places in Europe that you can visit during the holiday season arrives the choice of tourists all over the world. May your holidays be beautiful and impress for the rest of your life

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