Why Thailand Makes for the Perfect Backpacking Holiday

Why Thailand Makes for the Perfect Backpacking Holiday

Backpacking is traditionally a holiday for the younger crowd but today, even those in middle age to senior years get out and about on a backpacking holiday. Older adults might not want to climb mountains or do any serious biking or hiking, but there is much to be said for a backpacking tour of Thailand at the right time of year. There really is much to do and even more to see, but perhaps the highlight of your holiday might be found at the Phuket backpacker hostel where you don’t really need to be a true backpacker to stay.Looking for a reason to backpack in Thailand? Here’s a few to chew over.

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While Much of the Western World Is Blanketed in Snow

While Thailand is a tropical climate and known to have more than its fair share of monsoons, the perfect time for backpacking in Thailand are the times of year when it’s too cold back home. As a country in Southeast Asia with three distinct seasons (yes, you heard that right, three not four!) you probably wouldn’t want to backpack during the rainy season from June through October and then March through May could be a bit hot for anyone from northern regions of the world. That leaves November through February, our ‘holiday’ season back home and also the perfect time for backpacking in Thailand.

A Taste of Authentic Thai Cuisine

If you have ever visited a foreign country and wondered why nothing felt out of place, it’s probably because you are staying in a hotel like the ones mentioned above. Most of the tourist traps have made concessions in their recipes to appeal to a Western palate, but when backpacking, you’ll be travelling through remote regions where they will be serving authentic Thai cuisine as it’s been served for thousands of years. Backpack through the country and you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sample some of the world’s most aromatic cuisine but be forewarned, native Thai food is ultra-hot.

A Haggler’s Paradise

In Thailand, you will find many, many little street vendors where you can hone your bargaining skills. It has been said that anything is negotiable in Thailand, but that comes with a downside as well if you aren’t acquainted with the Thai baht. You may love to haggle over price but those vendors are tourist savvy and they can smell a mark from a mile away. Always keep your mobile phone digital calculator handy and if you can’t agree on a price, turn as if to walk away. Nine times out of ten that vendor will call you back for another round of haggling. It’s fast, fun, and part of the allure of a country like Thailand where backpackers seek the best deals at the absolute cheapest prices.

Looking for fun as a backpacker in Thailand? The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg. However, do remember to plan a mid-winter trip for days cool enough to enjoy outdoors but warm enough to get away from the freezing cold and mounds of snow back home.

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